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Functional Medicine Program

Our integrative health solution offers a patient-centered approach to healthcare, focusing on customized strategies for each individual’s unique needs. Our personalized functional medicine addresses the underlying causes of health issues based on your goals, environment, and lifestyle.


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Prevention and
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Identify root causes
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The Process

Through testing, customizable treatments, targeted nutritional guidance, lifestyle modifications, and supplements, we can restore balance, optimize well-being, and provide vitality while addressing the root causes of your health issues. 

1. Initial Consultation

Meet with our Functional Medicine physicians for a comprehensive health assessment.

2. Comprehensive Testing

Using our functional blood work panel, we can identify the root causes of health issues and assess overall health.

3. Tailored Treatment Plans

Based on your test results, we will create a Personalized health plan that addresses your specific needs and health goals. This could include nutritional recommendations, supplements, lifestyle coaching, and more.

4. Follow up consultations

The functional medicine program includes a close follow-up programmed consultation every six to eight weeks for twelve months to evaluate progress and new goals.

Meet your specialist:

Dr. Arturo Lizano, MD

Functional Medicine - Department Chair

Dr. Lizano is a pioneering doctor capable of connecting with his patients beyond the genetic level and into their emotions. His journey in functional medicine is fueled by heart, passion, and unrelenting determination to challenge the healthcare system forever. His pioneering program integrating stem cell therapy, research, lab work, and functional medicine marks a global first. 

Our Treatments

Slow down
cellular aging

Stem Cell Infusion

Infusion of Premium Grade
Mesenchymal Stem Cells.

Restore joint function and eliminate pain

Orthopedic Treatment

Joint regeneration therapies restore mobility and reduce inflammation.

Clean your system

Plasma Exchange

Remove harmful agents and replace them with healthy fluid.

Optimize your health

Functional Medicine Program

Personalized health plans to optimize your body and reduce the risk of age-related disease.

Improve sexual

Enhance Treatment

Regenerative solutions for intimacy.

Rejuvenate your skin

Skin Treatment

Next-gen skin rejuvenation with stem cells for a youthful appearance.

Prepare for the future


Collect and store your stem cells for potential use in the future.

Future protocols

Coming soon.

Our institute is working non-stop to develop innovative regenerative treatments, with more to come.


Our Research

Our clinical studies on integrative healthcare with stem cells.

Third-Party Research

External research on integrative health solutions.

News & Media

Latest news on the functional medicine approach.