Prepare for the Future


We are all born with a limited number of stem cells, and as we age, this number decreases. Our bodies’ regenerative capacity is closely linked to the quantity and functionality of these stem cells. Bio-Insurance is designed to collect and preserve your own stem cells from your blood via IV, ensuring your future is secure as new technologies become available.


Potential use in your future healthspan and longevity

Potential recovery from special situations like trauma or cancer

Your own stem cell treatment to help restore your body's regenerative potential

Candidate for future technologies and therapies

The Process

Bio-Insurance is a groundbreaking treatment designed to collect and preserve three essential types of your own stem cells under very low temperatures, ensuring they are available for use when needed.

1. Bioceuticals protocol

The process starts with a 2-week preparation protocol of bioceuticals that decrease your senescent cells and release millions of stem cells into the bloodstream with small injections of a compound called filgrastim.

2. Collection

Your cells are collected from your bloodstream through a procedure called Apheresis that takes about 2 to 3 hours.

3. Cryopreservation

Your cells are placed in deep cryopreservation, a state where the aging process is effectively halted. This means your cells remain safely stored in this condition for multiple decades and monitored 24/7 in RMI's own Regenesis Lab.

Meet your specialist:

Carlos Rojas

Immunohematology Specialist

Carlos Rojas is a distinguished microbiologist focusing on Clinical Immunology, Immunohematology, and Blood Banking. With a career spanning over 16 years, Carlos is an accomplished professional in apheresis techniques and holds extensive expertise in bone marrow, liver transplants, and blood transfusion.

Our Treatments

Slow down
cellular aging

Stem Cell Infusion

Infusion of Premium Grade
Mesenchymal Stem Cells.

Restore joint function and eliminate pain

Orthopedic Treatment

Joint regeneration therapies restore mobility and reduce inflammation.

Clean your system

Plasma Exchange

Remove harmful agents and replace them with healthy fluid.

Optimize your health

Functional Medicine Program

Personalized health plans to optimize your body and reduce the risk of age-related disease.

Improve sexual

Enhance Treatment

Regenerative solutions for intimacy.

Rejuvenate your skin

Skin Treatment

Next-gen skin rejuvenation with stem cells for a youthful appearance.

Prepare for the future


Collect and store your stem cells for potential use in the future.

Future protocols

Coming soon.

Our institute is working non-stop to develop innovative regenerative treatments, with more to come.


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